• I'm getting "Connection Error/Timeout". How to solve the problem?
    Try do disable for a while the computer’s firewall and antivirus, if the problem persists, the most probably reason is that you should open your local wifi router ports (firewall sections).
    Very often the wifi router will show some options to allow the “pass-through” of Vpn protocol and that is the easier way to open the right ports.
    In all other cases you should open the router/firewall ports as follows:

    To use the Vpn protocol L2TP/IPSEC:
    - udp port 500
    - udp port 50
    - udp port 51
    - udp port 4500
    - udp port 1701

    To use the Vpn protocol PPTP
    - port tcp 1723
    - gre protocol allowed

    All related/established port should be enabled as well.
  • I'm getting "Authentication Failed", what can I do?
    1) If you have just downloaded the application, please wait up to 5 minutes to allow the update of all the world wide network.
    2) in the other cases, check the expiring date shown in the main screen, if the subscription is expired you should subscribe for the service using the button/selection inside the Application.
    3) if the problem persists,
    contact our support, it's available 24 hours per day 7 days per week.
  • I've tried all the listed options in your Faq, but I haven't still find the right solution . What can I do now?
    Please contact us on our chat live support, we are available 24 hours per day 7 days per week. We will be happy to help yo using if necessary a remote desktop connection with you.
  • My Vpn is disconnecting frequently. How can improve it?
    A few users report unexpected disconnection using Kryptovpn. In our experience the main reason is v a poor Internet connection. When the network start to loose data packets, the vpn search to keep the connection up a certain limit. After that it will disconnect.
    1)You could try different servers to check if your connection can improve using servers more close to your location;

    2)If you are using a Bit Torrent client connecting to Usa/Canada/Germany/Switzerland server it could be a valid reason for the disconnection, change server or disable the Bit Torrent client;

    3) Another possible reason could be a bad configuration in the firewall and in this case, you could disable the firewall for a while and try again.

    4) Finally try to disable the anti-virus, because some of them has an integrated firewall that could stop the connection after some times if not at the start.

  • How is possible to connect to your vpn from China Inland?
    In China many Vpn service are “poisoned” from the local Internet provider anyway Kryptovpn has a strong counterpoison and our application will recognize the situation and it will use a special configuration for China Inland. The counterpoison is used automatically, so if you have still problem to connect check the other possible reasons.

  • Can I use the same subscription in more computers?
    Unfortunately it's not possible, because the subscription is linked to the computer where you bought it.
    Anyway we keep a cheap price to allow you to activate the Vpn in every computer you own for a little annual fee.
  • How can I update the application to the last release available?
    The update will automatically proposed at the first restart of the program, so please close it and reopen if you are not sure to have the last update in your computer.
    In any case you can download the application without loose the subscription.